Root Up 22

A week to celebrate, research and reflect on Physical Theatre. We will gather in Verfeil-sur-Seye from 28 Sept to 4 October.


We want to commit space and time for collective research, for meeting other practitioners, artists and curious minds – somewhere away from the dynamics of classes, workshops or studio rentals.


The Associative House Project LA GRANDE MAISON provides us with an oppurtunity to use their faciliy for a seven-day residency for a small fee of 5 € per person/night. The house is equipped with bed rooms, a conference room, a library, a dining hall, a kitchen, a bar and a garden. There is the option of getting lunch and dinner cooked for 7€/person per day. Places are limited, therefore we recommend early sign-up! Mail to:

The Association LA QUINCAILLERIE provides us with access to their self-built and self-goverened studio space for body practices and performance art for a fee of 15€/person for the whole week.

We will bring our research beyond the walls of a studio, situating physical theater in landscapes and places that are physical manifestations of agricultural labor and artisan practices.

The program for the residency is currently being discussed. If you would like to make a proposal, please contact us. Mail to

You will organize your travel to Verfeil-sur-Seye (82330, France) independently. Closest train station is LEXOS (Occitanie) and CAUSSADE. Closest airport is in TOULOUSE. We can organize shared care rides from the train stations to the village. Hitchhiking is also possible.

More information can be found here in the next few weeks.

See you soon!

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